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Neil Gaiman: Nicest Guy on Planet

I can’t imagine it’s a secret that, if pressed to name a favorite writer, I’d cite Neil Gaiman, and I only say “if pressed” because let’s be honest: why play favorites, right? Still, I’m a big fan of his books, particularly Anansi Boys and Stardust; he’s always seemed to me to have a very instinctual grasp of story. He just gets them.

So, last year, I’d planned to send my book out to a bunch of people, but life, as it so often does, got in the way, and in the end I only managed to send out a couple of copies. One went to Neil. I’d just kind of hoped he’d enjoy it. I’m not sure if I really expected to hear much back from him. I mean, the man’s always seemed busy enough to fill several people’s schedules. For the next, like, five years, at least.

But not long ago, I got the following in the mail:

Postcard from Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman says I rock?

Neil Gaiman says I rock!

I’ll be framing that bad boy, of course.

Incidentally and by the by, Henry Selick’s adaptation of Neil’s Coraline is coming out in the next month or so. It may well be, so far, the first movie of 2009 I’m excited about. The movie’s website is here.


  1. I am so fucking jelous. Nobody ever says I rock and you get Neil Fucking Gaiman to say you rock with the cutest freakin chibi Neil to boot. Has anyone one told you your a Lucky Bastard lately? I think you should get a T-shit that say, “I’m one lucky bastard and I rock!” Let me know how it goes.

  2. @Gotham: Oh, I know I’m a lucky bastard. My jaw dropped when I turned the postcard over and saw the note.

    And by the way: you rock.

  3. Wow! I’m envious too! Maybe this is just the begiining of a really great year for you.


    January 17, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    From one tremendous man to another. Your excitement about this glorious happening tickles my fancy.

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