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Meets Girl, the Contest Winners and Preorder

Some great entries to the Meets Girl contest. Also, some private comments from people who would have entered but didn’t want to share their stories of unrequited love, whatever the reason.

Because it takes some guts to do it. Takes some guts to put yourself and your story out there like that, for all the world to see.

I might know a little something about that.

In the spirit of the moment, I decided that everyone who entered gets a signed copy of Meets Girl, as well as an exclusive Deviant Moon tarot card. Just one, from a deck that’s been used. A deck I’ve used myself, in fact.

The copies are ordered.

In fact, more than those copies are ordered.

Want one?

I’ve decided to do an exclusive, limited-edition pre-order of Meets Girl for the next week. I’ve got 25 signed copies, each of which will include its own tarot card. The identity of which will be determined by shuffle.

Want one?

I’m going to offer them for $25. Which will include shipping. They’ll ship on launch day (or just before).

If you wait until launch day (that’s 11/29!), you’ll be able to get a paperback via Lulu for $14.99, as well as DRM-free digital files from both Lulu (as a PDF) and Amazon (for your Kindle). The digital version will be $4.99.

I don’t think that’s a bad deal. I know there’s a lag of a few days when ordering from Lulu (who doesn’t print anything until orders are placed, which I think is pretty awesome. And economical).

If you want your copy now, though, if you want your copy ASAP, and you want your copy signed, and you want your copy with a cool tarot card, you can use the donate button here on this site to send me your $25 via Paypal. Include the address to which you would like the book shipped. Also include anything you’d like the inscription to say. That is, do note if you’d like it signed to you, or to a friend to whom you will be giving it as a gift, or even just John Hancocked without personalization. You can request a specific inscription, or you can ask for a surprise inscription. You can put your name in “Purpose,” it looks like.

Whatever you’d like. Any way you want it.

The preorder will be first come, first serve, and once those 25 copies are gone, they’re gone. They’ll be numbered (of 25, obviously).

Depending on the demand, I may continue to offer signed copies for sale after the preorder has sold out, but they will not be numbered, and there’s no guarantee they’ll come with a tarot card.

I told you I was going to make this exciting.

And I’m not even done yet . . .


  1. Hey, you know I want a copy, but the job pays peanuts and since the OT left, funds are a little low. I’ll shoot for getting one the 26th, my next payday (but that depends on how well I do budgeting the current paycheck fiscal crisis). (Worth it in the long run, great benefits, and I’m socking away 10% of my earnings in the stock purchase plan, but the day to day grind is often on worn out coins.)

  2. Hey, Ravvy, I totally get that, believe you me. Between jobs that pay peanuts and worn-out coins, I know where you’re coming from.

    But I know you do. And I promise it’ll be worth it.

    You should’ve entered the contest!

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