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Meets Girl, Revised

I posted that picture of edited pages on the day I got the book back from my editor. This week, in between training clients and completing MBA coursework, I’ve revised.

Like crazy. The novel now clocks in around 77,000 words, which means my editor and I hacked off 7,000. Which is not bad, considering Stephen King’s once-maxim that the final draft = first draft minus 10%.

My editrix? Awesome. She gets it and, more importantly, doesn’t let me get away with anything (and Lord knows I’m always trying). I think a good editor makes sure you’ve got nothing up your sleeve when you go out onstage, which just makes the magic even better when the writer carries it off.

I’m excited. I won’t say I nailed it, or it’s great–that’ll be left for you to decide–but I am proud of it. I’d want a copy on my bookshelves.

The plan is Meets Girl will be available for reading in November 2010 and for purchase over the holidays.

It probably won’t be available in bookstores, because of personal experience and my thoughts on business models. I don’t think I really know anybody who still refuses to shop online, or doesn’t have a PayPal or Amazon account, and as a reader, I don’t think I can actually tell you the last time I went to a bookstore.

That’s a lie. I totally went to a bookstore yesterday. Two, in fact. I went to the Strand, on 12th and Broadway, and then walked north across Union Square to the Barnes & Noble. I bought no books in either. I’m pretty sure the last time I bought a book, I got a copy of Kitchen Confidential and one of A Cook’s Tour at Les Halles, and both signed by Anthony Bourdain.

All that’s a digression, mainly to make the point that as voracious a reader as I may be, with Borders and Barnes & Noble struggling to either find a better business model or at least turn a buck while collapsing like a flan in a cupboard, I feel little incentive to get on retail bookshelves anymore. Especially when said bookshelves are already overpopulated by crap.

Also? Really, I’m just trying to save you the reader inconvenience. Who wants to get in the car and hike to the store to have to order a book and then go back a week later to pick it up, anyway?

Unless it’s an indie bookstore. Indie bookstores rock.

A few people who sent surveys (thanks again!) noted they would want to purchase a paperback of Meets Girl, so really I’m only going to try to figure out the best way to make that happen.

Otherwise? It’s going on Kindle.

With some surprises.


  1. I do not Kindle. Just saying. I’ll accept a pdf if I must.

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