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Just because I like this picture of Obama

Can’t wait to vote for this man. And soon.


  1. Will, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but you are acting like a tool. Obama also wanted the 700 billion dollar bail out as much as anybody. He is for the rich just like McCain. We need a real president, and it’d neither McCain or Obama.

  2. @Hawk: well, unfortunately, those are the only two choices, and I’m not sure how being told I’m “acting like a tool” can be taken any way but the way I see it; you don’t agree with my political opinions, so my posting about politics in my personal blog is “acting like a tool.”

    And I don’t abide that, so I’ll warn you; in the next few weeks, I’ll continue to act like a tool. You don’t believe in either candidate, but I believe in one.

  3. I don’t know how not liking either candidate makes me a tool. Showing Obama hugging a little child is acting like a tool.

    For the record I hope I wrong. I hope Obama comes in and is what we need. I hope you can tell me told you so someday. If I’m right, were all screwed.

  4. @Hawk: you’re the only person who implied anyone else is a tool, or said anyone was acting like one. I also don’t know how posting a picture I like is “acting like a tool.” Do you walk into other people’s houses and tell them they’re “acting like a tool” based on the paintings they’ve put up because they like them?

    I just liked the picture, and I don’t get how I acted like a tool by posting it. I like it for many reasons. You did not, for your own.

    Now, let’s agree to disagree and move on.

  5. It’s cool. Like I said, I hope your right. I’ll even vote for Obama. Even though I don’t think it matters.

  6. Wow.

    Seriously, I love this man.

  7. And I meant Obama, not the Tool above me.

  8. @Chrissa: ZOMG! How are you?! It’s great to see you. And I love him, too. He’s pretty rad.

    But that said: let’s not name-call. I know for a fact you’re better than that.

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