1. I quite liked Heart Shaped Box, but it didn’t amaze me the same way that Hill’s short story collection, Twentieth Century Ghosts did. I look forward to his next novel, which I hope will be better.

    And he’s talked about why he used the pseudonym — including here:


    “When he was about 12, The Bangor Daily News accepted an essay he submitted. “I was completely pumped,” he told me. “I felt like I was on the verge of major celebrity, and my excitement about the piece lasted right up until the day it was published. When I read it in the newspaper, I realized for the first time that it was full of trite ideas and windy writing. At the end, they had added a little postscript that said, ‘Joseph King is the son of best-selling novelist Stephen King,’ and when I read that I knew that was the only reason they published the piece. You know, at that age the fear of humiliation is probably worse than the fear of death, and not long afterward I started to think I should just write under a different name.””

  2. @Fred: well, it is certainly always the hope that the next one will be better, and yeah, I totally have to pick up his collection. Thanks for the pointer on that article; I figured there had to be a good reason, and that certainly makes sense.


    I’ll just add, “you were right” because I loved it. However, I don’t think I’ll be buying second hand clothing ever again.


  4. HANNA

    I absolutely love it! i have just finished it, and i must say it was incredible! I could not put it down at all.

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