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  1. HAWK

    The economy does not all ways get better. Just look at Africa’s poorest nations. They have been poor for ever and have never had an upswing. There may never be an upswing. Especially if China pulls the plug and decides to collect on the massive debt we owe it. If that ever happens expect inflation to go so high that a loaf of bread will cost $10, eggs will cost $15, and filling your car with gas will only cost $300 or more.

    As the American Dollar becomes weaker China is not going to keep bailing us out with loans, and there is only so much valueless money the federal reserve can print. There is noting any future president can really do about it. Giving Wall street billions so they can loan out more money to it’s all ready broke American citizens it certainly not the answer. It is a very real possibility that when this does happen by the time our economy recovers we will be long dead.

    This could very possibly make the great depression look like a cake walk by the time this is over, if it is ever over.

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