1. DPS

    This is where you and I always part ways. Writers don’t suddenly decide they’re writers at some late age…and those that do probably deserve to fail. Real writers, people who have writing in their soul, found their voices in their childhood, *years* ago. Blogging *keeps* them writing. It’s a form of discipline.

    And some people don’t even *realize* they’re writers until they blog. So that awareness is a positive.

    I could probably be more coherent when I were sober, but I’m working on a really good blog about the impending zombie apocalypse, so I’m pretty much totally drunk at the moment.

    Am I less valid than you are?

    Well, maybe I should go throw my arm elbow-deep in a cow’s asshole.

  2. @dps: So much brought up there. I’m never sure about deciding about writing. I’m rarely asked about it, and my thought has always been I never decided to be a writer; rather, I realized I was one. Blogging stopped me from writing, because I got hung up on stupid stuff for too long at a time when I needed to be doing more writing.

    Less valid than I am. Er. I don’t know. How valid am I? I never thought about it. I hope most people don’t, actually, now that I do think about it. When it comes to validity, I hope people judge me on the terms of my writing. If someone wanted to judge my validity as a writer, I’d hand them Meets Girl. But that doesn’t answer your question. Who determines validity? What is this validity of which you speak?

    I sort of love that when you mention throwing your arm elbow-deep in a cow’s asshole, you’re not, in fact, being metaphorical.

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