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    Logically Hollywood would want the cream of the crop of writers to make the most money, right? Well, what if the cream can’t write scripts? The fictional story may be excellent but that dosn’t mean a fiction writer has the eye for turning what’s in their head and in that book into a movie. It takes more then a mental eye because in a book you can imagine the characters doing these things. You can read their thoughts and it makes sence. You can read about the scary beast and your imagination conjures a image quite frightening. With a movie their are so many veribles. Actors who have to portray a character realisticly, camera angles to the scenes just right, dialoge that sounds great when read but crappy when read aloud, and thoughts aren’t always portrayed well on screen(ever see the old Dune movie?).

    For some writers writing a fiction story into a script would be as difficult as turning the book into a song. Though, the writer may know the “mechanics” of script writing that dosn’t mean he can do it well. In this respect writing a script is much like sex in that there is a big difference between knowing the “mechanics” of it and knowing how to “make love.”

    That’s my two cents any way.

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