I didn’t see it quite like that but Obama did do a better job then McCain.

    My mom is starting to consider Obama which is good.

    I think one thing people forget about when it comes to the presidency is that it’s not the presidents job to be a expert in everything; it’s his job to delegate people who are experts at the things the president lack experience in. I think McCain would choose people who just had views he liked but Obama would pick people who disagreed with him so long as they knew what they were doing and would do what’s best.

    Did McCain look like he had a pound of make up on to you?


    I think my biggest problem was the sarcasm and downright completely unprofessional attitude that McCain eventually took on. Snarky, condescending comments and the expression “I don’t think Obama understands….” It absolutely disgusted me to see the way he was acting.

    Have I mentioned that I’ve already applied for a job in Canada?


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