Wow, all your students are giants? I’m gonna assume you mean great ad not tall. Hmm. A lot of the student at my community college smoke pot and some of them grow it. Which is fine but when you smoke too much you start to get dumb… and annoying… and hungry… and more annoying because you forgot that you already asked that blonde chick if she, “was going to eat that” she said yes.

    I know you had a lot of problem with my space but do you ever miss some of the readers you lost?

    You remind me of my English teacher some times.


    I think this is one of the best lessons one can learn. When you stop trying to be someone or something you’re not really, the real deal shines through. And *that’s* awesome.

    I’ve been there since you drove from Jersey to California – and now to here. I even remember the time you “drunk” blogged on myspace. It’s been pretty cool to see the growth in you and your writing.

    I’ve learned a helluva lot from you, and I’ve always felt engaged.

    (Hard work, a little perseverance, with a creative spin, really pays off. And it feels good.)

    I dunno, Will. I’m really excited about today, about the future, and I’m better at handling tougher issues.

    I really feel like you deserve some credit for that.

    I hope your students realize how lucky they are, because I am.


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