1. When I first stumbled across your blog, I remember being struck by how similar our backgrounds are. As you know, I studied biology and communication at a Jesuit school. Best thing I ever did, hands down. I think the religion classes I took struck me hardest, too, simply because the priests never tried to advocate one way or the other. It was simply a matter of encouraging me to think for myself and find my own evidence. The Jesuits definitely have been instrumental in my decision to be a teacher, and now that I’m having to state my educational philosophy so often, I realize what a huge impact they made on me. It’s priceless.

    So, I can relate to your all-over-the-place mindset. I’m the same way. I started with poetry, branched to fiction, and then fell in love with playwrighting. Of course, I also do the photo thing and painting… I’ve thought a lot about mixed media work and have so many ideas for project. My problem is focusing on it enough to make it worth anything. I know you have little problem with, ahem, focus.


    Anyway, I also wanted to say I’ve loved the pictures you posted in the past. You really have a great eye. 🙂

  2. I’m glad to see you too are branching out from writing. Authors often dabble in more than one creative outlet, and I find one often helps the other. I’m an amateur photographer myself, and also took up painting three years ago. I love the feeling of accomplishing something creative so quickly as a photograph or painting. It really helps to expel that creative energy that writing can take much longer to do. Oh, I love the photo!

  3. @Alma: but only a little problem, there’s that. And yeah, we definitely have extraordinarily similar backgrounds.

    @Maggie: thank you.

    @Shannon: I dabbled in painting when I was a kid, but mostly went for drawing. I haven’t drawn much in a while, though. And thanks for checking it out. Glad you liked it.

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