Ellis is amazing. Not only is his content spot on and humorous I might add–I mean, come on, when Bateman is freaking over the business cards, that shit is funny. Also, on top of the hype and sensational media press (which, in a society dulled and desnsitized, is, in my opinion a sign of greatness–and besides isn’t that the role of an artist? To get’em talking….), I think we have to look closing at the skill and craftsmanhip he shows in those beautifully balanced sentences of his.

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  2. Will, this is a terrific essay! I kind of ignored the entire Bateman as the male stereotype theme. He looked and acted just like GQ and all the other male fashion rags said the modern male was supposed to. He really did do what was expected of him, didn’t he?

    I should reread it and really focus on the satirical elements re: consumerism. I’ll bet there are tons of things I overlooked due to my response to the gross-out parts.

    Oh, and about “Fight Club.” Loved the book, did not love the movie. I thought the actors were good, but there was just too much lost in translation.

  3. @Chartroose: thanks! What can I say? You inspired me to it.

    @One Penny: yeah, I’ve always mostly dug him as a writer, even if I couldn’t finish Lunar Park.

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