1. As you know, I’m from Denver–and I thought about leaving it for LA last year. That really awful weekend last May totally changed my life. I dunno…something about LA just irked me. Everyone I met was exceedingly friendly. I was in love with the hills (what I saw of them). But the whole disparity between who people were in person and who they were behind the wheel killed it for me. I was also really perturbed that the mountains weren’t to the west like in Denver. It freaked me the Hell out. It’s amazing how a place gets inside you.

    I remember when I was thinking about leaving, everyone looked at me cross-eyed: “You’re leaving *Denver* for LA”…like it was some ludicrous talk of a mental patient. Because Denver really is the best of all worlds. Yea…it can be sleepy and slow. Yea…there are some crazy Christians/conservatives lurking around. Some of the schools here suck. But, all in all, it’s the best place I’ve ever been–and I’ve been everywhere.

    DU’s a nice school. I think you’ll be a shoo-in. 🙂

  2. SARAH

    I second that. Denver is a good place to live. The sprawl is pretty bad, and getting worse fast, but if you can live with that (I can’t) it is a nice combination: a hip, young urban community, with easy access to some seriously beautiful country.

    But perhaps you should go visit first, goofball.

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