1. @Charles: okay, but right, yes, that’s my point. The major perspective is often that government shouldn’t try to reform any businesses except in the cases of anti-trust issues and monopolies. Regardless of whether FM & FM were in crisis back then, shouldn’t the government take a hands-off approach? Let them go under? How many businesses fail every year, and the government doesn’t bail them out, right?

    Unless, of course, I’m missing something. Which has certainly been known to happen. I may well have committed here a false analogy, which is exactly of the sort of fallacy I’ve been teaching my students to avoid.


    So much has been going on with politics these days, one minute I’m watching the American conventions, the next I’m hearing Stephen Harper”no longer has the confidence of Parliament,” now there’s a Canadian election on October 14th, which could mean a new Prime Minister. Which could also mean, there’s an opportunity to vote out the conservatives (who are buddies with the republicans.)

    I just think the timing is bizarre.

    So now I’m flipping back and for from CBC to CNN.

    The economic crisis in the U.S. is mind blowing – yesterday, gold went up $80 in one day, the fastest hike in over a decade.

    What we need to do to solve the energy crisis is not be so damned dependant on the oil. We need to put money into other energy sources like wind, and solar, and whatnot. Doing so would not only benefit our dependence, but it would also create many, many jobs.

    The Europeans have been doing so for years, why the hell can’t we?


    It’s not important but I was wondering why Charlise theron’s lips are like the econmy or oil drilling? Um, we need be indpendent of her lips? Are her lips part of the econmy?

    “To make an analogy, it seems to me the equivalent of attempting to solve someone’s dependence on heroin by increasing their access to heroin.”

    I like analogies and this is excellent.

    Do you know where they specifically want to drill in Alaska? One place they like is an area we already had reserved as preservation for nature. The other place is fucking Indian reserve. Like us pale faces haven’t caused enough damged to this planet with out destroying a nature reserve and another indian reservation.

  4. @Lisa: yeah, weird world, ain’t it? And the Europeans have been doing a lot of things for years. Europeans are smart that way.

    @Gotham: ah! Vodpod put in the wrong video. I don’t know how to fix it. Dammit. Thanks for pointing it out, though.

    And no, I hadn’t known that. That’s even more infuriating.

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