Will, ( sorry to be OT )

    I saw you post some comments the other day on Sarah Jones Politicususa post about Palin. I added some comments to the discussion right under yours there.
    Your post 2 years ago showed you were on the right track. Little alarms went off in your head saying… ” THIS doesn’t make sense “. So many MORE facts have come to light since then. Documented Facts with timelines and even more proof and verification.
    I would invite you to come by, browse the Politicalgates blog and I’ll bet you would feel real welcome joining in the discussion. Opinions are welcome.
    Presently there is another blogger who has a blog of his own ( like yourself ) who has posted a Guest post about Glassner being hired by SarahPAC.
    We have a lot of good investigators and researchers digging stuff up. You would feel right at home.

    FYI: Politicalgates is run by the same people who earned Palingates ” Political Blog of 2010 ” by the Bloggers Choice Awards.

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