1. Sounds like a good few days…although, I’m a bit of a hermit sometimes. Heh. The Getty whatever sounds boring–just from their Web site. But, then, I’m not really into looking at sculpture–I’m more into creating it. It’s strange–I always end up going to museums–but I never really enjoy them. Unless it’s the kind with biological paraphanalia. Then, I skip around like some bio major on crack.

    I never found PCH when I was lost in LA. Sad. I never got to go to the beach the last time, either. Although, the idea of beaches is usually more satisfying than the execution. Except with Big Sur. Big Sur is rad.

  2. @Gotham: I live on Orange Grove street, so that’s got to count for something, no?

    @Alma: You can’t miss PCH if you just go west–it runs parallel to the ocean, and there’s nothing between it and the beach. Which is why it’s such a scenic drive.

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