1. Exposure is right! For as long as you and I have preached to fellow independent authors about investing in review copies to pass out, those days are over too. And all it costs us was time – the time writers like you and me spent watching the number of downloads increase and our books climbing the charts! I don’t regret doing a 5 day free promo at all. The exposure was totally worth it and I’ve already seen an increase in sales which I can definitely say I owe to running the free promo. Congrats again, Wil!

  2. Thanks, Shannon. Now a few days later, I’ve seen an increase in sales, too, but then again, it would have been difficult for sales to have not increased. Let’s just hope they stay there. I’d rather consistently sell pretty well than have a few great days here and there, I think. A career is built on the former, arguably. And congrats on your success, too!

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