It’s entirely possible that it has to do with the strategy. I mean, certain questions he’s gonna be asked, like those involving the economy, will need a lot of thought. However, I just feel like that would be more Obama’s problem then McCain as democrats are more likely to raise taxes then Republicans and no matter how necessary they may be or little they may actually affect the American people, some voters will say no to Obama just because of the tax increase. Forgetting of course that we got a tax break just a few years ago of course, is everyone unanimously better off since then.

    It’s also possible McCain is waiting on a special make up artist.

  2. While I get what you’re saying about the Kennedy-Nixon/Obama-McCain thing (Obama’s campaign has really reminded me of those “Camelot” days, I think McCain is more afraid of coming across as unprepared. He knows he can’t avoid the debates altogether–hence, the Nixon-Kennedy comparisons are unavoidable. However, we have seen McCain shifting from being an off-the-cuff, fairly humorous renegade that was at least pleasant enough to listen to–to a stodgy, teleprompter-driven idiot. Sarah Palin blew it with Charlie Gibson, and I don’t think the McCain-Palin campaign can take another embarrassing public display. McCain has admitted in the past that the economy isn’t his strong suit. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that McCain is trying to buy more time to prepare–just like how he had Lieberman coach Palin. I think his worry on this front is actually sound–not valid–but sound. Obama is one helluva an orator. He’d kick his ass no matter what he looked like.

    The whole thing reminds me of when I was a TA in college and kids would try to tell me they didn’t have their papers because their computer ate it. Nice try, McCain. I can see why he didn’t do so well in school.


    Every time I hear McCain speak, I feel like it’s the same thing overandoverandover. And Palin, well… her speaches are even more freaking redundant.

    When I hear Obama, it’s like his ideas are fresher, more current… and might even, you know, like actually work.

    On the flip side of your analysis, coming from my experiences as a “young person” – maybe his age will help him. I don’t know how many times people have questioned me even before I speak, in the business world. Now, I can attest some of that to being a woman… but I honestly think it’s more because I’m young looking.

    I find a lot of people (except for my age bracket)don’t question the older person because the idea in most people’s heads is that they must be more experienced.

    Maybe I’m sounding like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, but, do you get what I’m saying?

  4. Wow, Miya…

    That is probably the scariest thing I have seen on this campaign so far.

    Will, I do agree with the Nixon – McCain association. To be frank, I was disappointed about the first debates. I was expecting a lot more counter-attack from Obama…

    I guess we’ll have to wait for the vice-presidential debates for a complete feast…

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