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I’ve been blogging pretty consistently since February, which I think marks this as just about the longest I’ve gone without taking a break. I think I’m starting to feel it; I know I’ve been getting cranky, lately, and it’s manifested in enough ways that I’m thinking, hey, somebody needs a time-out.

Since I can’t enforce it for anyone else, I figure I ought to take one myself. Be the change you want to see in the world, and such.

It’s the right time, I think. Holidays coming up, student papers coming in, all the good stuff. So I’m going to take a break from the Internet and redirect my energy; I’ve got a few projects I’ve been working on, both for myself and for others, and it’d be good to get those done. For at least the next two weeks, I’ll be checking e-mail but absolutely nothing else. That might become longer, but you won’t see me again until at least December.

Have a great Thanksgiving. See you soon. Don’t miss me, because I’ll miss you.


  1. Good luck and enjoy the time off!

    I only just started reading your blog about 2+ months ago, but I’ll look forward to your new posts in December.

  2. I miss you already 😉

    Enjoy the time off darling. You know where I am if you need to find me.

  3. Will’s To Do List:

    1. Grade Papers
    2. Work on favorite writing project
    3. Watch episodes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report
    4. Buy this
    5. Take soothing buble bath with either a toy battleship or a G.I. Joe equipped with scuba gear so that you can relax without feeling like you’ve lost any of your masculinity
    6. Have fun

    Will’s To Don’t List:
    1. Tell students that they have failed you miserbly and that they have no hope of ever achieving anything and that the very air they breath is a waste for society. There papers made you cry blood and you have to quit teaching because of the emotional strain there awful papers have caused you.
    2. Eat tofurkey
    3. Buy a femle chiuaua and a male rottweiler and attempt to breed a super dog.
    4. Go to Catholic Church, Sit in the Confessional, and confess your or some one elses sins in a ryhming fashion. Or just confess to reading Dan Brown’s Davinci Code 47 times, as the Catholic church has asked it’s followers NOT to read the book or watch the movie, and see what his reaction is.
    5. Eat Pop Rocks and pop soda together then stand in a elevator all day and wait till it’s completely full for you to fart loudly.. or for your stomach to explode.
    6. Have un-fun

  4. Silly…

    I like miss you all the time, duh.


    Telling me not to never changed things before. Goodness.

    Enjoy the holidays AND the student papers both seem to pass all to quickly.


  5. *too*

    (where’s the edit feature when you want one?)


    (don’t laugh…I really glared when I typed that)

  6. I already had Thanksgiving in October. But, maybe I’ll have it again. Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday.

    Have a super hiatus!

    (You should invent and patent this as a holiday, you know:)

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