Jimmy Carr’s first video is only funny in certain settings, like the commedy club he’s at. It’s not so much fun at a church… that you were invtied to… by your freind… who has a fuck buddy with her…

    You might not like a movie. You might not like a comedians routine. You might not like speech being made. But it’s repsectful to either listen untill there done or not go to a performance you probably won’t like. I couldn’t tell if I would like the x-men franchise untill I saw the secound one. I hated it and complained about it on line. I didn’t go to hollywood to yell at Brian Singer. I didn’t go see the third because I knew it probably wasn’t up my alley. I didn’t protest it. Why? Because those three things are a waste of time and ridiculous.

    If you go to a a Maryilin Manson concert you will see a picket line of protestors. When Kevin Smith made Dogma Catholics protested it too despite not having seen the movie. In that documentary you see people yelling random crap at people during a performance. They paid money to go the shows probably knowing they would do that.

    These people are mentally ill… or permentally stupid.

    Good blog. This is a subject I never thought about before.


    I’ve never liked Jamie Kennedy’s stand-up or his movies. And he’s an even bigger douchebag in person, so in my opinion he has nothing going for him except the cameo he had in one of the best horror flicks *ever* (“Scream”, of course).


    I’ve only time to view the first two vids. I wouldn’t classify the Kennedy and Carr “hecklers” as actual hecklers unless you and I have different takes on definition. Especially the latter vid where Carr completely sets up the woman in the audience.

    You say cowardice, I say anonymity. The Internet allows a degree of anonymity which affords anon posters the opportunity to express honest opinion and commentary. Some of it’s loathsome, yes, but I value “tell me what you really think” and am more likely to find it on the Internet than during a guarded face to face conversation with a stranger. Mendacity comes in several flavors, and I prefer vitriol to saccharine. I like knowing how I’m perceived online by Anon because I write for Anon. If I’m communicating “asshole” to someone, that’s future information I can use. I’m not saying the customer is always right, but If I hope to sell books, I need to consider the ugliest perspective of my detractors.

  4. The fight scene with Boll is probably a lot less funny when you realise that he intentionally hid the fact that he was a trained boxer from those he challenged and refused to fight anyone with similar training. Sure, most of Boll’s detractor’s probably haven’t seen his movies, but tricking them into a legalised beating is hardly something to be proud of.

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