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  1. If you write then you are a writer. There is a big difference between writing and the business of writing. I personally remain true to the writing and learned this year after writing 10 books that at some point one has to let go of the book and let it have a life of its own. Believe and Try is my motto! And as long as I never quit doing what I love to do then I will always be a writer. I hope this brings peace to the spirit of the writer in you and releases the creative forces on to the page everyday of your life. And I hope that you will let the books go out and let them have a life of their own. I did on my first one this year, which I wrote in 1999 and believe me it was a great relief and I started writing again after getting so frustrated in 2001 when I had finished the 10 books and not knowing what to do next as far as the business of writing goes.

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