1. Thanks, Will, for this reasoned piece on KDP Select. I also prefer publishing for Kindle, if only for the relative ease of conversion from hand-built html, and for getting results that don’t make me want to rip my eyebrows out. Add to that I have no interest in being ground to one-size-fits-none conversion bits by Smashwords, who would then put their name on my book. Thanks, but no.

    For those reasons, enrolling my titles in Select was a no-brainer. Still, as other bloggers railed against the shortsightedness of Amazon exclusivity (even 90 days’ worth), I began to wonder if I was as deluded as they implied. I began querying some of my author-publisher friends, who assured me they sell next to nothing on B&N anyhow. While that holds true, I’ll give ’em a pass, and when fingers wag in my direction, I’ll tell ’em “Nuh-uh! Will said!”

  2. You’re welcome, Bridget. I’m glad you found it useful. Like you, I loathe the Smashwords grinder, and that’s not even to mention I find I often disagree with Mark Coker. And like you, if I’d sold any more on B&N, I’d have been less enthusiastic, but I never really did. Plus, I disagree with B&N like I disagree with Coker.

  3. Very thoughtful and well-reasoned, and I don’t see any problem with your commas. I’ve just published a story via Kindle Select, after some initial reluctance. It seems clear that Amazon’s motive here is less to establish a functioning lending library than to increase market share by locking in authors exclusively. I can see where this might not in the long run prove to be a Wonderful Thing For All Concerned, but OTOH this will work out however it may irrespective of whether or not I participate. (And screw Immanuel Kant, anyway.) And, finally, Amazon’s where I’ve been doing ninety-plus percent of my business, so why shouldn’t I maximize my sales there?

    Ah, I just noticed the date on your post, four months ago. Has recent experience confirmed your views?

    How I do natter on. I logged on to thank you for your post, and seem to have done everything else but. So thank you.

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