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For anyone still undecided

Here is the half-hour long Barack Obama video that aired before the World Series tonight:

I can’t speak for the whole thing, because I didn’t watch it; I’ve already voted, because I already knew how I wanted to vote. But if you’re undecided, it’s worth watching.


  1. The government is corrupt and Obama is part of that government. Wake the fuck up people.

  2. A-fucking, ah… mazing.

  3. @Hawk: I nearly deleted your comment, because I don’t feel it really contributes anything. In the end I let it remain, as it’s at least not attacking anyone and doesn’t, you know, call anyone a ‘tool,’ which is at least an improvement over your previous contributions, but I thought I’d let you know that I’m becoming less tolerant of your tone in general. I get that you’re frustrated, but other ways of expressing that might make for more effective communication.

    @Lisa: that’s kind of what I figured on it.

  4. The Devil is cunning, the Devil is charismatic, the devil has a nice smile, the devil will lead you to hell and have you smiling and laughing all the way.

    By the time you realize it’s too late…it will be too late.

  5. @Hawk: cunning, charismatic, nice smile, laughing . . . you know, you just described me as well.

  6. The truest and most dangerous form of evil comes from people who bitch and moan about the current state of things and yet do absolutely nothing to contribute to its end. The world is not out to get us. We are the world. Who we are creates our reality. My suggestion to all those apathetic voters out there, try being the change. Stop attacking Obama because his change isn’t yours.

  7. Yeah, but your not running for president. 😉

  8. Oh, and Alma I could not agree with you more. Voting for Obama is going to bring change, but that change is not the change you are going to want. Lets talk, in say three years.

  9. @Hawk: so you can predict the future now? That’s a rather spectacular talent you should maybe put to better use. And do you really support McCain? Seriously?

    I just find this fascinating. You’ve been reading for a while now. It must be a major testament to my talent as a writer than you can disagree with me so fundamentally but yet keep reading.

  10. @Hawk: If you can do better, run for President. If you have better ideas, tell the world. No one’s holding you hostage. If you don’t agree with your country’s government, there are plenty of other places to live.

    As for me…you have no idea what changes I desire. I do know that the person elected will have a long road to walk, and that the change he envisions may not materiallize because of the nature of our world. Obama, if elected, will make mistakes. I doubt very much, though, that it will as cataclysmic as John McCain’s version. I’m willing to give Obama a chance because, deep down, I believe he is a man that has some integrity. McCain does not have any. I don’t expect anyone to come in and fix this country. It’s too far gone. But it can be a little less shitty.

  11. For some reason, my comment was cut off. Here’s the rest of it…

    Obama can’t fix this country by himself. It’s up to all of us. George W. Bush didn’t wreck this country single-handedly. We endorsed it, and when he went awry, we abandoned him. We are not victims. We are co-conspirators.

  12. I never said you were not interesting. Will, I just disagree with you on this subject.
    Obama will introduce the Amero, then he will force every child out of high school to do two years mandatory military service. Mark my words if you are here in a few years you’ll be saying I was right.

  13. Alma you know I can’t run for president. If it were that easy anybody could. I’m not in their club.

  14. @Hawk (13): um, what? Were you born elsewhere? Anyone born in the US can run for president. That’s sorta the point. I don’t know where you’ve gotten this idea of some exclusive club, but it never was meant to be and hopefully never will be. “Of the people, by the people, for the people” is a bit of an ideal, and I can see why you’re so cynical after the past 8 years, but I think you’re misguided at best. I don’t know what change either candidate will bring, but I’ve already cast a vote for the one whose chance I’d like to take.

    I notice, though, you seem only to attack Obama, never to outright support McCain. I think it’s very telling you can only attack others for their opinions and ideas without actually contributing anything to the conversation.

    You say you disagree with me, but my opinion is more complex than you’re giving it credit for. One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t vote in 2000 (not like NJ was split, or anything, but still), but if McCain had run back then, I might have. The McCain campaign and candidacy has finally come unfortunately 8 years too late, and I think the nation would currently be a lot better off right now were we ending a McCain administration as opposed to this one. But we’re not, and I see Obama as the crucial choice right now, if only because we’re so bad off right now we need something and someone truly extraordinary. McCain, unfortunately, is not right now; currently, in fact, he is rather spectacularly ordinary, and right now, we can’t afford ordinary.

  15. Anyone in the born in the U.S. can not run for president. You are intelligent enough to know that. With out the right funding and backing from the elite you will never get anywhere.

    I believe the system itself is broken and it’s time for real change. Not the superficial change Obama wants to bring. The difference between Obama and McCain is minute at best as they are both really just puppets for the sane people.

  16. @Hawk: well, no, you’re right about that. Besides being born in the US, one must also be 35. And I believe there may be one more requirement, but whatever it is does not include funding or support.

    What kind of change do you think we really need?

  17. I think we need drastic change. Also you and I both know to be president you need media backing and to get that you need the backing of the rich elite to fund you. We are not in that club and never will be.

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