1. Will, I think the problem really, sincerely is that everything is marketed for a niche. No book seems to be embraced by the agents, publishers, or booksellers just and for itself (except maybe “The Passage” by Justin Cronin, and even then there’s a vampire angle). The publishing industry is scrabbling to cover its flanks, and in the process it’s losing sight of its core.

    That’s my perspective, though. And I’m with you; I’m feeling very hollowed out lately when I walk into a bookstore.

  2. I think it’s easy to blame it on marketing for a niche but, ultimately, incorrect. I only think this after nearly earning an MBA in it, and I think–and I mean you no offense when I say this–I read a lot of people who blame marketing for a lot of woes but very few who really understand the tenets of it. Maureen Johnson’s anti-branding manifesto is making the rounds these past few weeks, and it’s wonderfully passionate and makes sense as something people can get behind, but really it’s basically anti-marketing marketing.

    I’ve heard about The Passage but precisely nothing I’ve heard has made me want to read it.

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