My favourite poem is “Inspiration Point” – I was flipping through the book this morning, and I think I read it twenty times. That poem reminds me of countless nights I looked up at the stars with Chad. Times when we wanted so badly some recognition for our efforts, times when we both felt like it was an endless cycle of repetative days. Times I wanted to shout and scream at the moon, because I felt so damn tired. We both were looking for inspiration.

    I dunno. The stories in Entrekin feel very romantic, they feel real. I don’t get a sense of them being fake or phony or too overwritten. I think that’s why I like them so much. My favourite story is, “A Little Heaven.” I love the french girl, and it’s a sexy story without being corny.

    Entrekin is awesome because I think the collection has something for everyone.

  2. @Lisa: I’ll have to do that one next, then! It’s so funny that I ask what parts everyone likes and everyone says poetry.

    Maybe I should write more of it.

    I liked your story, there, and I appreciate your words more than ever. So thanks.

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