1. Hello there-

    At least you can remember your dreams, despite them possibly not being the kinds you want to remember for selfish reasons. I remember a time when I could recall my dreams quite vividly until I did a research paper on dream interpretation. It was as if I ruined them after that. Now, I’m lucky to wake up and remember even a hint of something I dreamed the night before.

    I know how you feel about writing. My roommate just got a new laptop and gave me his old one with the intention that I could go more mobile with my writing rather than being confined to my corner office in the dining room. I’m typing this reply on the lap top at the dining room table, my corner office just to my left, but at least I can see the TV from here. With maintaining the review blog, doing some pleasure reading for myself, and having to deal with recent changes at the 9 to 5, writing has gotten away from me. It’s that “rut” you’ve seen me mention on my blog where real life occupies too much of my time and the characters in my head aren’t taking shape. I either can’t find the time to write, or when I do have time it’s the last thing I feel like doing. The cursor and the blank screen seem too overwhelming. Having self-published a book and starting the review blog this year alone, I seem to think I should take a break but you know how it is…it’s like a drug. I feel the urge to create, to write, anything. Something.

    I have another manuscript finished which I wrote from August till New Years last year. Finished it on New Years Eve actually. I’ve polished it lightly off and on all this year. It sits in hard copy here on the table to my left as I type this…waiting for me to put this laptop to its intended use…instead my reply to you is turning into a short story….sorry…This next book will probably be the big project for next year.

    Did something happen with you and Lulu? I seem to recall you weren’t happy with them. Or did I dream that?

  2. @Shannon: yeah, one of the things about writing is it does tend to get away so easily. And it’s so weird the way it does so. I don’t regret self-publishing my collection, but I wish people would start thinking of self-publishing the way they think of indie rock or indie moves. Then again, I wonder if the blame for that isn’t on the part of many authors.

    And yes, a few things over the past couple of months have soured me badly toward Lulu, partly between me and them but mostly between them and others and mostly again on their part, themselves.


    I know that I, perhaps more then anyone, have made blogging requests of you. Some you have done and some you have not but in the end it’s up to you what you write. I might for instance request that you blog about Sexy manatees. I wouldn’t want you to blog about that if you were going to do it half assed. You should blog, write, jot down, and sing only about those things you feel like doing. To hell with everyone else and what they want, me included.

    I feel like you need a hug but since I can’t give you one physically I will give you one digitally. *HUGS*

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