1. I have no good book suggestions. All I’ve read lately are tedious, horrifyingly dull books for my Colorado History class and Praxis exam prep books. I doubt I’ll be reading much more for fun anytime soon. This makes Alma sad.


    It’s not fiction, mind you, but the last good book I read was called the Science of Happiness. It’s put together quite well and I have learned things I never new like bad moods impend your intelligence, having a blood clot on the right side of your brain will make you perpetually cheerfull but unable to comprehend reality, and their are elevine smiles but only one is genuine and this smile will make you happier if you can train your body to do it.

    Fiction wise I recomend Memoirs of a Geisha. Your a smart man. I don’t think I have to explain this one. Look it up and judge for your self.

    Movie wise I recomend Shoot ‘Em Up. Do you remember when I wrote the gay cowboy blog about differen’t things that would make me have wanted to see Broke Back Mountain? One of them was high quaility gun action, as if Jakie Chan was a gun. It has that and instead of the cliche cigarette smoking hero our hero Clive Owen constantly eats carrots.


    I’m not reading fiction right now, but I am reading.

    It’s a memoir called “Eat, Pray, Love” which so far has made me laugh out loud and cry. I love how Elizabeth Gilbert wrote this book, completely honest and raw, through her travels to Italy, India, and Indonesia. So far, I’m in awe of what this woman did for herself. It’s pretty incredible, and I’m so very impressed with her spiritual/self journey.

    A book that I was given for Christmas, but just picked up a few evenings ago.

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