I haven’t seen the movie yet so the following comment is based off what I read in the first paragraph and a half.

    In order to do a “mystery science theater” blog you will need at least one robot and no more then two. However, do to the technilogical in-advances of today your choices amount to pretty much either a Furby or a Roomba (robotic vaccume). Choose wisely.

  2. Punchdrunk Love sucked the big one.

    I haven’t seen this movie, and I never will. Over-the-top, snobby, and inane come to mind. I hate Day-Lewis. What a pretentious douche.

  3. Oh, Will,

    As I read the beginning of this post I could not help but think that we were about to see eye to eye. I blundered into Blood quite by accident while strolling around sipping liquor with a friend. I loved the film, even though I was cynical and did not think Day-Lewis was anything amazing in Gangs of New York. I rarely watch movies or TV, so it was a treat.

    As I watched the film I had a hard time not smiling at the slow burn and raw buildup of malice, borne out of the period mood of labor, labor, labor. I admit I was under the influence of expensive booze, so maybe the slow pace didn’t bother me as much.

    And then you suggest: Mystery Science Theater it!

    Double applause! You use MST as a verb (I haven’t watched TV since that show was on the air), and you suggested it in the first place, forcing me to smile! Two well-earned points!

    Why continue watching it?

    Enjoy some testosterone humor! Bathe in the stuff!

    Why dance with a pretty girl? Because she’s pretty? No! Because it’s dancing!

    Even we cynics have to dance once in a while. Geez, Will, finish the movie. Try some good vodka beforehand. Not much, just enough. And take a pretty girl, especially one you’ve danced [badly] with, even if she’s not your girlfriend. You’re guaranteed to have a good time, I promise. And I hate movies, mostly.

    My point is if you relax, you’ll enjoy it.

  4. @Gotham: Would a Tickle-Me-Elmo count? Not that I have one of those, either, mind you.

    @Alma: agreed.

    @Mike: that’s an interesting point, and a pretty great analogy, especially since I do love to dance. Maybe I’ll watch a bit more.

    Reminds me of when I had to read a novel I didn’t like for class. I read the first thirty pages, and then I read one page every five thereafter. It was enough to BS my way through a review. Maybe I’ll just watch one minute out of five.


    The Tickle-Me-elmo is not a robot. It is a cybernetic entity of evil. It teaches children they can be touched everywhere by strange hands and should just laugh. Trully a most dispicable toy.

    I like Mike’s point. Watch it drunk with a freind and video tape it. make a REAL Mystery science theater out of it. Just tell your freind to bring a robot. Because you, and most likely your freind, are on a budget you may instead purchase that robot that eats pennies or the cussing parrot robot. Robo dogs and/or cats are also exceptible.

  6. SARAH

    The pace seemed normal to me. In a lot of westerns they talk too damn fast. It can take two years to say hello, dangit.

    We watched the whole thing, but we didn’t really get. It was his life. And then it ended. There was some brutality and family drama to add excitment.

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