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Denver Day Three

Taking it easy for now. I figure, you know, I just finished a master’s, finished a novel, and drove for three days straight. Time to chill a bit. I’ve been working on a novel(la) I’ve been kicking around with for a while (and by a while, I mean: several years), but other than that, not much besides a couple episodes of House, M.D., some good tunes, sandwiches, pizza, and some beer I picked up at the Moab brewery.

I think I’m going to run today. I’ve never been much of a runner, but shit this city’s beautiful, and I’m right next to some park or other, with a big, inviting running path, and so I figure, well, hell, might as well use it.


  1. Chad has been running recently. His uncle (whom is a huge influence on him) is a runner. Ran the past seven or eight Boston Marathon’s.

    I need to pack some boxes, and by that I mean, I have my work cut out for me physically for a while.

    You must be enjoying the trees. Every time I see pictures of California it’s missing something: trees.

    Long weekend here, and I feel guilty for chillaxing, but only a bit:)

  2. You could always walk or skip. I just imagined you skipping and I laughed a little.

    Find a hot tub. It eill help your back and help you chilax. How will gain access to the got tub once you find it? With your beer of course!

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