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Color me surprised

Bill Richardson has endorsed Barack Obama as his candidate of choice.

I’m surprised by two things:

a) A Democrat has done something right, and made a good choice, and

b) I totally thought Richardson would swing around the other way, to the point that I had figured not only that he would endorse Clinton but also that, should she get the nomination (which is appearing increasingly unlikely by the day), she would choose Richardson as her VP running mate.

Which, of course, brings up the next point, and the pretty much major question at this point:

Hey, John Edwards, WTF are you waiting for?

Obama and Edwards could win the White House with deliberate certainty, and I firmly believe not just that they are the perfect complements to each other, but also the perfect balances. They’re alike in the right ways and different in important ones.


  1. John Edwads is a conservative libral. The tend to make everyone unhappy. Obama I think will try to make everyone happy. Is that what you meant by compliment each other?

  2. Do you have a cite for calling Edwards a “conservative liberal”? I’ve never heard him called that, in the six+ years I’ve been aware of him. In fact, the only person I’ve heard called that was John McCain. Are you sure you’re not confusing the two?

    By complement each other, I mean that Obama is to race as Edwards is to class. That they both seek unity, and address criticism less by defending against it than by reinforcing their vision for the future.

  3. No, McCain is close to being a liberal conservative. Liberal conservatives can make everyone happy but conservative librals can make everyone un-happy.

    However, I was calling him a conservative liberal based on what I remembered reading on him at the CNN website. I thought he was for a constitutional amendment that wouldn’t allow same sex couples to marry which is a very conservative idea. CNN no longer states what the views are of John Edwards, I guess do to the fact he’s not running, but I found this on You Tube So, perhaps he’s not for a constitutional amendment that would hault gay marrige permently. Just the same I’m still not that keen on the guy for other reasons.

    I think Obama already has a idea of who he wants for Vice President and if it was going to be Edwards he would have called him up by now and thus also gotten a public endorsement by Edwards by now.

  4. One theory from a few weeks ago was Edwards was waiting to see if Clinton gets the nod and Obama agrees to veep–then Edwards would take the A.G. slot. Now things are even weirder, so I think Edwards is biding his time. I would like an Obama-Edwards ticket, and I don’t think it’s impossible, though it would make a lot of people worry a racist nut would shoot Obama to put a white man in the white house. However, racist nuts wouldn’t be inclined to put in someone more liberal than Obama, IMHO.

    Edwards is a conservative liberal–he’s just more liberal than Obama, who is, in turn, more liberal than Clinton. Frankly, anyone who doesn’t support HR 676 and wants mandatory corporate health care is a conservative liberal. The liberal liberals were the less-known folks, the ones who couldn’t get enough money from corporate America to keep in the race.

    Huh. Apologies if that sounds like lecturing! Just posting in haste–

  5. @Helen: I should have asked for ‘support’, rather than a ‘cite,’ but Will filled in the gap well. One thing, though: I’m certain Edwards is against a same-sex marriage-ban amendment.

    @Will: thanks for clearing that up (didn’t sound like lecturing at all; just smart). And I could see that reasoning, in which case I think it’s even more important for Edwards to take a stand; he should endorse whomever he believes in, not whomever he stands to gain the best position from.

    Of course, in a perfect world, etc.

  6. Correct me if I am mistaken, but in politics I thought they made deals all the time based on what would benefit them best and not nessesarily based on what they beleived in so long as it didn’t conflict majorly with their own beleifs. On top of that, what if Edwards hasn’t endorsed some one yet because he “beleives” that America will be fine so long as he winds up as vice president.

    There are two Wills who make alot of sence in one blog. Could this be the beggining of something Epic?

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