Independent Editing

Growing up, I was always a huge fan of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Michael Crichton–as authors went, those guys wrote the books and had the careers I wanted. Later, that list grew to include Neil Gaiman and myriad others. By then I’d grown serious about wanting to be a writer–even if I wasn’t yet … [Read more…]

Somebody Put Me in Charge

Via the amazing iOS app Zite, I caught this post from Hugh Howey yesterday, about what Howey would do if he took over a publishing company (in this case, Harper Collins). I love that authors are thinking this way now. Just a few short years ago, the prevailing wisdom was for authors to sit quietly … [Read more…]

Doing Business As

Former USC classmate and fellow indie author Danny Gardina–author of the novel The Last Night and the collection The Lookout and Other Stories and founder of Kings Men Press–wrote in with a question about my last post, and LLCs, and how to set one up. The easy answer: go to a lawyer. No, really. I’ll … [Read more…]

Why You Don’t Need an ISBN (And What You Should Invest In Instead)

Lately, I’ve been trying to focus my energies less on discussing disadvantages of the corporate system and more on taking fuller advantage of being independent. I’ve been focusing a lot on Exciting Press–trying to fill readers’ Kindles and iPads and Android devices with the very best stories we possibly can. Which is why, last night, … [Read more…]

The One True Way of Indie Publishing

First: apologies for the headline. It’s totally a grab for attention. If you want to bail now knowing I was attempting deliberate manipulation, no one would hold it against you, but before you go, consider that’s what everyone else is doing lately, and know that, for the record, I would state that there is no … [Read more…]

ReGeneration, Headgames, and Problems With a Girl & a Unicorn (Free)

As promised, ReGeneration & other poems is free today to kick off celebrating National Poetry Month. Every weekday in April, Exciting Press will have free, four-poem micro-collection available; next week, we’ll see The Inevitable Decay of Francis “Fitz-Pack” Fitzgerald & other poems. But that’s not all. It’s not even the biggest. Our very own one … [Read more…]

Exciting Poetry

As many readers probably already know, April is National Poetry Month. Wikipedia notes: National Poetry Month was inspired by the success of Black History Month, held each February, and Women’s History Month, held in March. Neglecting for the moment that conflating poetry, as a genre, to either race or gender seems a little, well, off, … [Read more…]

For Cynthia: Free

“For Cynthia,” the first story from my now-no-longer-exists debut collection Entrekin, is, today, free. God, I love Kindle Select. I know not everyone does. Barnes & Noble and IPG and the SFWA all have all used various methods–refusing distribution and bowing out of contract negotiations and, er, removing links to Amazon titles except where those … [Read more…]


On March 1st, 2007, five years ago tomorrow, I published Entrekin, a self-titled debut collection of short stories, essays, and poetry. If you’ve ever been interested but put off picking up a copy, now’s the time to do so, as it’s your very final chance. I said that once, back when I pulled it from … [Read more…]