Express: Yours

Back when I was in college, I had an idea for a campaign for Structure brand clothing. The ad would depict men wearing only Structure boxer briefs in various situations: in a bar, in a boardroom, etc. The copy would be “Every man needs a little Structure in his life.” Structure was a brand of … [Read more…]

Mercury: For the Fleet of Soul

This requires background. Mercury International was the (I’m fairly certain) imaginary company for whom I “consulted” to fulfill the requirements for my MBA capstone course. In January, I teamed with four other classmates to work as a group with the intention of helping Mercury International increase revenue and market share. I wrote about (and posted) … [Read more…]

Victoria’s Secret: What’s Yours?

Company: Victoria’s Secret Product: Under-Apparel Service: Support, intimacy, confidence Slogans: Best When Shared These Are Victoria’s Secret. What’s Yours? For All the Parts You Share Pitch: Victoria’s Secret sells three things to women: anatomical support; intimacy enhancement; and confidence reinforcement. Ads focus on beautiful women wearing, in general, only Victoria’s Secret lingerie and a smile. … [Read more…]

My MBA Capstone

A few days ago, I got the news that I’d officially aced both my MBA capstone course and its final. This is pretty big news, the culmination of three years of work in a field I never really thought I might find myself pursuing. Now, I can’t imagine not having pursued it. I remember the … [Read more…]