Gratitude 2011

A long time ago, I dated (briefly) a girl whom I took out on the night before Thanksgiving. We went out with mutual friends to a bar, and we danced and drank and were young. At the end of the evening, I drove her home, and I kissed her goodnight. It was our first kiss, … [Read more…]

Good Morning Again, September

In Manhattan, and perhaps especially this past year, September comes as a relief from sweltering August and its smother-you humidity. Manhattan is city where humidity gathers in pockets; walk down into a subway platform and you’ll know the feeling instantly as oppression wraps around your head. It truly can be that bad, especially when you … [Read more…]

Six Months Later

Been a long, long time, hasn’t it? How are you? I’m good. Great, in fact. Well. Mostly. If you’re wondering whatever happened to me, don’t feel bad; there are days I wonder the same thing. If only because some days you look up and around you and you wonder, my, where did the time go? … [Read more…]

My last ever moment of confidence

October 2001 was difficult for me in a lot of ways, and I remember much of it in particular moments; the one when, while striding down Madison Avenue on my way home from the advertising agency, I first floated to my father the idea of moving back in with my family. Not long after that, … [Read more…]

I’ll get over me, I know I will

I’ll pretend this ship’s not sinking. Because, really, it’s not. As expected, I’ve had Go West in my head for a few days now. As also expected, I haven’t minded much. So here’s the thing: one of the reasons I came back to Jersey and with the intention of moving back to Manhattan was that … [Read more…]

Might have been the cheese steak

I’ve been battling allergies off and on since . . . well, roughly since I got back to Jersey, I guess. Yesterday, my head felt as though someone had filled it with glue, and today ain’t a long shot better. Last night, I tried to crash early before realizing I hadn’t eaten dinner, but I … [Read more…]

A little overwhelmed here

You ever get to that point where you look around and you realize just how much you want to get done, but the sheer enormity of the task, not to mention the go-jillion aspects of it, make it difficult to decide where or how to even start, much less make any progress? Because, seriously. Little … [Read more…]

Wishes for 2009

2005 was the year I realized I wanted to go to graduate school. 2006 was the year I started at USC. 2007 was the year I published my first book. 2008 was the year I earned my master’s degree. I wonder, now, what 2009 will bring. Each year seems to have been better than the … [Read more…]

My Christmas Eve, 2008

Quiet these past few days. Sure, the rush of the holidays, garland-strung and wrapped in bows, but over it all . . . Christmas Eve, my mother had just handed me a small gift bag, which I began to open before I was interrupted by a sound at the door I would have called a … [Read more…]

Same as the old one

A lot’s happened in the past few weeks, while I’ve been away, the biggest change being that I’m typing this from my old bedroom in my parents’ house, where I’m now living again for a lot of reasons I’m not yet going to go into, no so much because I don’t want to articulate them … [Read more…]