John Locke & Donovan Creed: An Indie Case Study (Part 1)

In Malcolm Gladwells’ book “The Tipping Point,” Gladwell discusses myriad companies whose products tipped the industries they were in, changing them around them in such a way as to not simply be successful but even rewrite a paradigm. During the past several years, several different events have increasingly tipped publishing from being a business based … [Read more…]

Edgar Allan Poe: World’s First Kickstarter?

Funding has often been one of the most difficult elements of any artistic endeavor. Guys like Shakespeare and Marlowe got patrons, rich blokes who basically gave them a bunch of cash to write for them. Lots of authors nowadays hope to get funding from big corporations, as advances against the potential that the books they … [Read more…]

My Experiences with Lulu (and, now, CreateSpace)

I should open this post by noting that Lulu made possible many of my achievements as an author, and for that I’m grateful. Back when I first decided I wanted to experiment with publishing and make an actual book people could actually buy, Lulu was the best way to do so. CreateSpace was, of course, … [Read more…]

On the Possibility of Paper “Books”

The other day, I read, somewhere, about a new publishing technology that will supposedly allow people to use paper as a medium by printing words on what is essentially wood pulp—albeit, wood pulp distilled and refined and repackaged to be more amenable. Some publishing companies are already courting writers in an attempt to embrace new … [Read more…]

New Publishing

Today, the Association of American Publishers released their findings for February sales figures in publishing. They are both encouraging and daunting. I think the most important trend is the simplest: For the year to date (January/February 2011 vs January/February 2010), which encompasses this heavy post-holiday buying period, e-Books grew 169.4% to $164.1M while the combined … [Read more…]

Writers Without Borders

Yesterday, I went to a 70%-OFF-WE’RE-CLOSING-GET-DEAD-TREES-NOW Borders location. It was big bold letters on Day-Glo yellow and Blood-Spatter red, empty shelves and fixture sales. You know you’re in trouble when you have to sell the shelves as well as the books. The books were all shelved like authors would ideally hope: each book with its … [Read more…]