Blog Block

So there went three months. Funny thing: I never stop writing. Haven’t stopped now. Been busy. Since April, Exciting Press has published like a dozen titles. Some mine, most not. And that’s on top of the fact that I moved in late July, but spent all of June and July doing so (June was packing, … [Read more…]

Briefest of explanations

Holy Hell it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I didn’t plan on that; if I had, I probably would have said something. I’ve been otherwise occupied, obviously. For myriad reasons. Thinking less and getting on with things, which is generally a fine way to go about it. This past year was difficult in several ways, … [Read more…]

Question for regular readers

Do you require those register/log in/wordpress/rss links over on the side? I figure, the RSS is available through feedburner over there on the right (I can’t figure out how to remove it from the top of the page, but then again, I’m always all about offering as many options as possible), and the comment feature … [Read more…]

Not exactly sure this is necessary

But, the first time I tried to import my old WordPress blog, it only took all the posts through March 2008. I assumed I would have to manually import all the rest, and so, this morning, after going shopping for cars and earrings with my mother, began to. The good news was, it must have … [Read more…]

Same as the old one

A lot’s happened in the past few weeks, while I’ve been away, the biggest change being that I’m typing this from my old bedroom in my parents’ house, where I’m now living again for a lot of reasons I’m not yet going to go into, no so much because I don’t want to articulate them … [Read more…]

Update! Update! Update!

Hey, everyone. So, I’ve moved. And not just from Denver to New Jersey. Here’s my new blog. It’s the same as the old one, but actually hosted on my site. Which this one never was. I’m going to pick all this up over there. Hope you’ll join me. It’s actually really cool, because it lets … [Read more…]


Yeah, so that hiatus I mentioned is obviously going longer. Lots of stuff I’m trying to keep up with. Doing well, though, and I’ll have plenty of news for you soon. But I figured I’d say hello and wish you a happy holidays, and also warn you that, over the holidays, I might break this … [Read more…]


I’ve been blogging pretty consistently since February, which I think marks this as just about the longest I’ve gone without taking a break. I think I’m starting to feel it; I know I’ve been getting cranky, lately, and it’s manifested in enough ways that I’m thinking, hey, somebody needs a time-out. Since I can’t enforce … [Read more…]