1. Eventually the you

    Page twenty is always the first page I turn to and has been read more than any other. Why? Because it reminds me of the first poem you and I first talked about somewhere else – a poem I’d written that wasn’t what it should’ve been but could have. Because it’s plain and honest and open. Because I still think about it when the book isn’t open.


  2. I think you poetry really shined for me, but I’m a poet at heart despite not writing much of it these past few years. Are we still on for the 9/11 interview? Did you get the questions?

    Oh, and enjoy being 30. It’s all downhill from here baby! I’m 32 and still wondering where last week went, much less the past two years of my life. They say time flies when you are having fun…gray hair at my temples, back aches, in bed by 9:30pm….yeah, this is a blast, man!!

    Best wishes,

  3. @Paula: really? That’s funny. I posted it today, just for you.

    @Gotham: if you’d like. I wouldn’t argue. And I’ve never minded silly. Silly fits me well.

    @Shannon: Thanks, and yes, we are. Sent them back to you. And I know all that aging stuff. I’ve got a nice little swath of grey I’m growing right now. Hey, better that than losing it, I figure, right?

  4. Welp, you know my favorite’s always been “Dear Author.” It’s what convinced me you weren’t just a pretty face. I could relate to it because I write sometimes, ya know?

  5. @Alma: oh, good, a choice that’s not a poem. Well, that’s definitely goin’ up, then!

    Nice to know I’m not just a pretty face, but then, I never realized I was a pretty face to begin with. That’s nice to know, too.

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