Multiple Enthusiasms

Infinite jest. Excellent fancy. Flashes of merriment.


Yeah, so that hiatus I mentioned is obviously going longer. Lots of stuff I’m trying to keep up with.

Doing well, though, and I’ll have plenty of news for you soon.

But I figured I’d say hello and wish you a happy holidays, and also warn you that, over the holidays, I might break this site. I’d like to migrate everything to (which may be down right now). I think WordPress will let me export the whole blog there, though, which would be nice.

Anyway, things are good, hope they are for you, and hope you’re having a happy season gearing up for the holidays.


  1. Happy holidays Will! Take care and may you be surrounded with love, friendship, and awesomeness.

  2. Happy Holidays, Will 😉

  3. Happy Hoola-days.

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