1. @Sandra: I hope your brother digs it, too!

    @Lisa: don’t it, though?

    @Gotham: I hadn’t, in fact. Looks like some of the info is from the wikipedia page, but some new stuff, too. Thanks!


    The guy can’t sing that great and he only plays well enough to get the point across but you can get a idea of how the song is suppose to be played. He has others. Very educational for those who like to educate them selves in unimportant information.

    I have smoked gouda and fancy cheese spread. 😀


    Pick me up off the floor because I think I busted a stitch offa’ my side. The S.S. drivable drum kit is a lovely touch indeed.

    People can extract whatever message it is they are searching for in anything they listen to, read, or watch on television. Perception is reality, right? 😛
    I miss George Carlin. He always said that “it’s not the words, but the context in which you use them.”

    A University actually banned the song? Oh yeah, because we know so many sports teams, both college and pro have such politically correct names and logos.

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