It’s hard to tell if things are getting worse or if hindsight highlights the best parts so we think the past was better because we don’t look at the whole picture. However, because we live in the present we’re forced to look at the whole picture which can make the past appear better when we’re only looking at what is highlighted. (Did I phrase that right?

    As far as finding a news network that you can really enjoy goes; have you completelty ruled out the BBC yet?

  2. As a professor, how would you grade Gothamgirl’s comment? I didn’t quite understand her.
    Anyway, you’re right, Keith seems to be a bit en fuego himself!

  3. @Gotham: I try never to rule anyone out. That I ruled MSNBC out after using it consistently for a decade demonstrates how egregious I thought they were.

    @Kip: It’s spring break. Must I really think about grading? And I think en fuego meant someone was doing good; he seems more en fluster. Also, I think it looks like he’s put on a few pounds, which might be the reason for the ostentatious pinstripes.


    Well, when people think of news they ussually don’t think of the BBC… or the Nakked news… or Sesame Street News… or my news. I just thought I would suggest the BBC in case you didn’t really think about it.

    Yes, let’s not grade Helen. Grading Helen ove spring break will end in Helen curling into the fetal position in a corner of the hours she dwells in. It’s not as much fun as it sounds.

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