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It’s on Canadian law, about which I know less than I do about American law, but if Christopher Bird says it’s important, quite frankly, I believe him.

Last week, a group of 42 organizations, spearheaded by the Canada Family Action Coalition, collectively filed a letter of complaint with the Canadian Judicial Council to complain about Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin’s participation in the committee which recommended that Dr. Henry Morgentaler receive the Order of Canada.

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  1. Old boys’ errand girls took “decisive action” on abortion file.

    Who arranged to give Dr. Henry Morgentaler the Order of Canada and why??

    Chief Justice of Canada Beverly McLachlin publicly claims that it was not her decision. Governor General of Canada Michaelle Jean refuses to show her face and accept petition signed by 30000 Canadians demanding revocation of that decision.

    Did Dr. Henry Morgentaler blackmail Marty Teplitzky “the Judge Maker” (see: in order to get for himself the Order of Canada??

    Things, more and more, look that way.

    Henry Morgentaler used blackmail in his letter to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in 1973, (see: ). It is more than likely that he either used blackmail or supplied evidence that could have been used to blackmail political opponents of Liberal party in 1975 in his dealings with Ron Basford than Canada’s Minister of Justice in order to get himself out of jail (see: ).

    Marty Teplitzky is well known in Toronto legal community for running an escort agency and for providing underage boys and girls as sexual toys for Toronto Elite. Marty is also known for arranging videotaping of such sexual encounters and known for using such compromising and sexually explicit materials to “influence” everybody that is anybody in Ontario legal community.

    Services of a discrete and unscrupulous abortionist are essential in smooth operation of Marty Teplitzky escort business as his female employees once in a while get pregnant with Marty’s clients. In this day and age of DNA paternity testing and feminists running court system such pregnancy might easily be converted into a financial windfall for a “lucky girl” and financial ruin for Marty’s wealthy client.

    It is more than likely that over the many years that Marty operated his business such problems did develop and some of the “lucky girls” working for Marty’s escort business who tried to cash in on their “winning tickets” were delivered against their will to Dr. Henry Morgentaler’s abortion clinic and had their “lucky meal tickets” forcefully removed from their wombs.

    If such or similar scenarios really took place in Teplitzky/Morgentaler business dealings, Morgentaler would have had very good cards in his possession that he could have used to blackmail Teplitzky.

    Considering the fact that Marty Teplitzky have shown on numerous occasions how much pull he really has in legal community; in 2000 Marty arranged for his wife Nancy L. Backhouse nomination as a Superior Court Judge (see: ). In a same year Marty arranged that his wife’s sister Constance Backhouse become a professor of law at university of Ottawa (see: such developments would never go unnoticed by his loyal sidekick.

    One could guess that both appointments must have been wedding gifts of sorts as there is a considerable age difference between Marty and his latest wife Nancy.

    Marty’s unique position in Ontario legal community and his unique form of influence has been well utilised by his daughter Sheryl Teplitsky who set up and runs collection agency specialising in collection of unpaid debts from law firms in Canada, task that for normal mortals is impossible to accomplish (see: ).

    Quite recently Marty ventured outside of promoting and rewarding members of his immediate family and arranged that Warren Winkler was honoured with Sara Laskin Award shortly before Winkler was officially, on June 1, 2007, nominated as a Chief Justice of Ontario Court of Appeals (see: and ).

    These latest developments might have prompted Morgentaler who was twice refused Order of Canada to put pressure on Teplitzky to finally satisfy Morgentaler’s vanity or face the consequence of Morgentaler spilling his secrets to wrong people and toppling Teplitzky’s sex trade empire. Such threat if it was ever uttered would have been very serious due to the fact that Morgentaler does not have that much time to live so Teplitzky cannot retaliate against Morgentaler even if he were to try to have him killed.

    If such was the case and Teplitzky buckled under Morgentaler’s demands than it would have made sense that while working his magic to get Order of Canada for Morgentaler Teplitsky would arrange same Order of Canada for his wife’s sister Constance Backhouse (see: ).

    Can above theory explain Chief Justice of Canada Beverly McLachlin’s reaction to the complaint that was filed against her with the Canadian Judicial Council? If Chief Justice was in fact pushed and pressured by Teplitzky and his clients to name Dr. Morgentaler to Order of Canada than it would be no small wonder that she would refuse to become a fall person of Toronto Old Boys Club and resign from her position at SCOC as such development would be the ultimate irony and an ultimate defeat of everything that Chief Justice of Canada Beverly McLachlin ever stood for.

    Political football as it is currently played in Ottawa guarantees that Conservatives are not going to let this latest controversy die as it presents them with perfect opportunity to reshape makeup of Supreme Court of Canada stack it with people who reflect their own philosophy.

    It seems that Beverly McLachlin’s choices are limited at this time; she either goes alone on a plank, jumps overboard and signals complete defeat of feminist movement in Canada, (very likely scenario, as the beans are being spilled anyway) or she can use her position in order to try to sink as many members of Toronto Old Boys Club as she can while she still can. Such course of action might not save her current position but it might save feminist movement from total defeat and make her in time into real martyr of feminist cause.


    Nobody at Rideau Hall to accept anti-Morgentaler petition
    Laura Drake , Canwest News Service
    Published: Wednesday, August 20, 2008
    OTTAWA – A petition bearing 30,000 signatures calling for Dr. Henry Morgentaler to be removed from the Order of Canada had to be left at the gates of Rideau Hall Wednesday afternoon since no official at the vice-regal quarters was there to accept it.

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