1. I *am* a self-proclaimed indie movie whore, although my tastes run the gamut, and I’ve got to say I’ve been pretty unimpressed with the movies out this year. Little Miss Sunshine and Juno are movies that were supposedly “made” for people like me. I’ve yet to see either and have no intentions of seeing them either. Why? Well, for the former, I can’t stand the little girl. She tries way too hard to be cute, and her brand of cute is much to quaint for me. Kids shouldn’t try to be cute. Usually, their just being kids does the job. As for the latter, I really wish I could endorse it. I’m a big fan of Jennifer Garner and think she’s awesome in anything. But I have a big problem with “issue” movies. What I’ve seen of Ellen Page’s performance does nothing for me. Perhaps, she is a great actress. But the deadpan humor has never once grabbed me.

    As for Daniel Day Lewis, I’ve never been a fan. I tend not to endorse actors who use a big A to pronouce their profession. I like actors like Don Cheadle, Johnny Depp, and Tim Robbins who are more concerned with the act of being human than being some great artiste. Their humanity is precisely what comes across. Not necessarily perfect, but always nuanced and convincing.

    The problem with Hollywood is that the “great” label is usually saved for things that are mostly cliched and devoid of real meaning. Contrary to popular belief, a comedy can be just as insightful as any somber tearjerker.

    What annoys me most about Hollywood, movies and television alike, is that so many writers/directors/etc want credit/compensation/etc when the vast majority of the work they produce isn’t worth the film used to created it.

  2. The thing about the Oscars is that this year it wasn’t predictable. I didn’t watch them, either. I just rely on NPR to tell me what I need to know.

    It’s interesting. I love indies. I think one of the reasons is because I know I’ll see a great film that isn’t going to get overhyped.

    And I hated Michael Clayton. I apparently hated it so much I fell asleep about halfway through.

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