1. I saw Batman recently as well, and I was pretty much disgusted throughout the movie. First, what the Hell is wrong with people bringing little children to this flick? This is definitely not something for kids. It was completely too violent, and I’m sure little Billy with the mohawk will be having nightmares of scary eyeball man and his knife. I’m sorry…I wanted to scream at all these people for that reason alone.

    Second, people attending this movie seemed to have very little regard for their fellow patrons. Do superhero movies typically make people act like 5 year olds–because seriously? Some guy kept grabbing my leg every time it got a little scary.

    I was also nauseous the entire time because it was 90+ degrees in the theatre and my head was pounding from all the gunfire and some lady was doused in the most god-awful perfume imagineable.

    So, maybe, that colored my experience. But GODDAMN…

    What happened to the soul of this movie?

    Christian Bale’s last effort was much more nuanced…and believable…and charming. I love the Hell out of Bale, so it’s saying something when I actually despise his entering a scene. He wasn’t even all that pretty to look at.

    What I noticed most of all was how much the exterior of every character trumped all else. Makeup and special effects–okay, fun…maybe. But when your characters really don’t seem to have motivations? I didn’t give a damn about the Joker’s smile after his first “trick.” It didn’t connect to anything else. Had Heath Ledger’s makeup been removed for a second, that might’ve been different. I didn’t like or buy any of these characters. The Maggie-Aaron romance was weak at best. Eckhardt’s turn from noble “best of us” to “ooh-I’m psycho” was way too easy and convenient. And using the kid in the end was cheap and lazy. It was obvious to me that they were all in it for the big box office draw.

    I’ve never been a fan of the Batman franchise–although I used to watch it religiously as a kid. But Batman Begins won me over. Why? Because it was an actual story with characters to hold onto. This is just summer blockbuster garbage.


    I gotta agree with you about killing the villians. Just…. no. If you want to kill the villians, write your own story and don’t use our comics!!!

  3. “…the Batsuit gives Bruce Wayne a tracheotomy every damned time he puts it on. Batman speaks in some weirdo gravelly mumble like he’s both smoked too many cigarettes and is just about to hurl…”

    Har, Will! I noticed that in the trailers. I think Christian Bale needed to work a bit harder on his American accent.

    Also, maybe Heath Ledger (may he RIP) is/was not as talented as Depp. Now I hope he doesn’t receive a posthumous Oscar simply because he died.

    I’m really glad I decided not to go to this one. I’m tired of superhero movies anyway.


    I’m gonna ask you to do something which you may feel is against your better judgement. I would like to ask that you watch it again. Not nessesarily in IMAX, any theater will do.Now I’m not gonna make you because my army of small gnomes will only go so far to the west. (damn unions) I think perhaps if you saw it again you might see things you missed before or maybe your just pickier then me… then again the new James Bond movies appeal to you so I may have to rule that out. 😛

    The Joker likes to talk. This was Batman’s first encounter with him and he didn’t know not to listen. Asuming the Joker is only recently the Joker then he’s acting pretty much the way he should. He wanted too show that it dosn’t take much for people to snap. Later he does other shit that goes beyond that but, and as much as I hate to point this out, HE’S INSANE! Two-Face was making a hostage cituation and so short of killing him with a bullet you HAVE to talk to him.

    It has been a hard pill to swallow but I realise now that Hollywood has some kinda Achilles Heel that prevents them from doing “perfect” comic book movies. As much as I would love to go into that, my soap box isn’t for here (like my comments aren’t long enough in your blogs already). Watch it again and maybe you will feel differently or don’t and save your money for a book. 😛 😉 🙂 😀

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