The First Blurb for The Prodigal Hour

The Prodigal Hour has gotten its first blurb. It’s from Elizabeth Eslami, author of Bone Worship: A Novel, who said: The Prodigal Hour, the audacious genre-bending novel by author Will Entrekin, is a Rubik’s cube of delights. Equal parts sci-fi, thriller, coming-of-age, and love story, the novel hurtles readers along protagonist Chance Sowin’s intriguingly unpredictable … [Read more…]

My Experiences with Lulu (and, now, CreateSpace)

I should open this post by noting that Lulu made possible many of my achievements as an author, and for that I’m grateful. Back when I first decided I wanted to experiment with publishing and make an actual book people could actually buy, Lulu was the best way to do so. CreateSpace was, of course, … [Read more…]

On the Possibility of Paper “Books”

The other day, I read, somewhere, about a new publishing technology that will supposedly allow people to use paper as a medium by printing words on what is essentially wood pulp—albeit, wood pulp distilled and refined and repackaged to be more amenable. Some publishing companies are already courting writers in an attempt to embrace new … [Read more…]

So What’s The Prodigal Hour About, Anyway?

(besides time travel) I thought I’d share the as-it-stands cover copy: “Chance Sowin hoped only for a new beginning.” On October 31, 2001, six weeks after escaping the World Trade Center attacks, Chance Sowin moves back home, hoping for familiarity and security. Instead, he interrupts a burglary as his father, Dennis, is shot and killed. … [Read more…]

The Prodigal Hour, Edited

Yesterday, just the day after my birthday, I got the copy-edited manuscript of The Prodigal Hour back from my editrix. She had let me see some of the pages before she’d finished, so I’ve already started the final polish–which is basically what this is. A couple outright grammatical errors–I think every manuscript has a few, … [Read more…]