julieklausner: This GIF masterpiece was created by Patrick Fagan, a genius graphic designer and animator whose website is here. I can’t think of a single reason why you shouldn’t rush out to hire him after seeing this GIF he created, in which his sister’s dog, Birdie, chases copies of my book as though they were … [Read more…]


rollingstone: Jamaican reggae legend Jimmy Cliff stopped by the Rolling Stone studio recently to share some of his classic hits and talk about his upcoming EP, Sacred Fire. The album is a collaboration with Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong. “The vibes just flowed,” Cliff told Rolling Stone after the performance.  Cliff has been making music for decades, … [Read more…]

John Locke & Donovan Creed: An Indie Case Study (Part 1)

In Malcolm Gladwells’ book “The Tipping Point,” Gladwell discusses myriad companies whose products tipped the industries they were in, changing them around them in such a way as to not simply be successful but even rewrite a paradigm. During the past several years, several different events have increasingly tipped publishing from being a business based … [Read more…]

Gratitude 2011

A long time ago, I dated (briefly) a girl whom I took out on the night before Thanksgiving. We went out with mutual friends to a bar, and we danced and drank and were young. At the end of the evening, I drove her home, and I kissed her goodnight. It was our first kiss, … [Read more…]

Edgar Allan Poe: World’s First Kickstarter?

Funding has often been one of the most difficult elements of any artistic endeavor. Guys like Shakespeare and Marlowe got patrons, rich blokes who basically gave them a bunch of cash to write for them. Lots of authors nowadays hope to get funding from big corporations, as advances against the potential that the books they … [Read more…]