The changes I mentioned to Raven Noir were the least of a reorganization I’m in the middle of. You can find all our Amazon titles right here. In fact, I’m in the middle of a reorganization of my whole life. In my day job, I’m performing the same function but moving around within my department. … [Read more…]

Raven Noir Available Again

Several years ago, I first published Jamais Plus, a collection of two short stories–one of them interactive–that focus on an investigation into the death of Edgar Allan Poe. The book was the first I used in joining Amazon’s KDP Select program–my first time going all-in, and exclusive, with Amazon. The first story of the collection … [Read more…]


Closure Heard this a few weeks ago—the University of Southern California intends to close its Master’s in Professional Writing (not Public Writing, as the article caption notes) in 2016. For me, USC was the best thing about Los Angeles. I went into the MPW program hoping to get published, and somewhen along the lines I … [Read more…]

Independent Editing

Growing up, I was always a huge fan of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Michael Crichton–as authors went, those guys wrote the books and had the careers I wanted. Later, that list grew to include Neil Gaiman and myriad others. By then I’d grown serious about wanting to be a writer–even if I wasn’t yet … [Read more…]

Somebody Put Me in Charge

Via the amazing iOS app Zite, I caught this post from Hugh Howey yesterday, about what Howey would do if he took over a publishing company (in this case, Harper Collins). I love that authors are thinking this way now. Just a few short years ago, the prevailing wisdom was for authors to sit quietly … [Read more…]

Hybrid Publishing

Via The Passive Voice, which focuses on interesting articles related to publishing, I just saw this one, at Kirkus, in which Bob Mayer argues that to “self”-publish, you need a team. I love that Bob used quotes there, given my feelings for “self-publishing” and my desire for people to stop calling independence that, but I’m … [Read more…]


thisistheverge: Robot city: how machines are driving the future of PIttsburgh After more than a century, steel production in Pittsburgh is all but over, leaving in its wake industries based on higher education, health care, academic research, and robots. Lots of robots. And when it comes to robots, the goal is more focused on building … [Read more…]


On any given afternoon outside of the cheerful, modern white building, parents congregate to wait for their kids. Chit-chat includes the typical fodder like play dates and birthdays, or who was cast in the school play. But occasionally the topic of illness arises — which is where things can take a turn towards the atypical. … [Read more…]


fer1972: Today’s Classic: Selfportrait by Arnold Böcklin I went to Berlin and its art museum several years ago, and a postcard of this was one of only a few souvenirs I have. “With Death Playing a Fiddle” is the full title, if I’m not mistaken—and if I am, it should be. Tweet


What would be the consequences if a large internet corporation such as Google were to buy the entire publishing industry? Google Books. Literally. (via millionsmillions) Interesting that it’s a Google thought experiment. Why couldn’t Amazon be the company to easily buy majority stakes in corporate publishers? Tweet

Giving Up Bookstores

I grew up in a small suburb of New Jersey I left in 1996 to attend college in Jersey City, where I stayed after I graduated while working in Manhattan. I left Manhattan at the end of 2001 to move back in with my family. During the time I’d been gone, Barnes & Noble built … [Read more…]

That Bookshelf Feeling

Just two days after I wrote about how KDP Select and free promotions seemed to be less effective than they used to be, my novel The Prodigal Hour became the #1 free bestseller on Now, I’m cognizant that downloads are not sales; as I told my wife, I know many who argue that Amazon’s … [Read more…]

Doing Business As

Former USC classmate and fellow indie author Danny Gardina–author of the novel The Last Night and the collection The Lookout and Other Stories and founder of Kings Men Press–wrote in with a question about my last post, and LLCs, and how to set one up. The easy answer: go to a lawyer. No, really. I’ll … [Read more…]

Why You Don’t Need an ISBN (And What You Should Invest In Instead)

Lately, I’ve been trying to focus my energies less on discussing disadvantages of the corporate system and more on taking fuller advantage of being independent. I’ve been focusing a lot on Exciting Press–trying to fill readers’ Kindles and iPads and Android devices with the very best stories we possibly can. Which is why, last night, … [Read more…]

The One True Way of Indie Publishing

First: apologies for the headline. It’s totally a grab for attention. If you want to bail now knowing I was attempting deliberate manipulation, no one would hold it against you, but before you go, consider that’s what everyone else is doing lately, and know that, for the record, I would state that there is no … [Read more…]

The Challenge of Poetry

Today–the last day of National Poetry Month–is the final day you’ll be able to get my poetry collection Bite Your Lip & other poems free at Amazon for Kindle–whether that Kindle is your Paperwhite or your iPad or your Android phone or whatever you’re using these days to read. Bite Your Lip & other poems … [Read more…]


Writing for free has value but you have to have to be able to see that value and ensure that it’s not a meaningless risk: anyone who asks you to work for them and promises exposure is whistling lies through their asshole. As I have said before, if you’re going to be exposed, expose yourself: … [Read more…]


Miley Cyrus – The Backyard Sessions – “Jolene” (by Miley Cyrus) I want to hear her cover this again in ten or fifteen years, after some whiskey has aged her voice and given it some depth (and maybe a crack or three) and she not only really believes Jolene might take her man but is … [Read more…]

: Will Black Clock Remain at CalArts?

: Will Black Clock Remain at CalArts? lareviewofbooks: On the eve of the publication of its 16th issue next week, speculation is brewing over whether the West Coast literary magazine Black Clock will remain at the California Institute of the Arts, the journal’s original publisher, or move elsewhere. Other institutions have been eying Black Clock… … [Read more…]