Denver Day Three

Taking it easy for now. I figure, you know, I just finished a master’s, finished a novel, and drove for three days straight. Time to chill a bit. I’ve been working on a novel(la) I’ve been kicking around with for a while (and by a while, I mean: several years), but other than that, not … [Read more…]

The far side of a lot of things

Denver. Colorado is awesome. The Glenwood Springs area may well surpass Montreal for my single favorite place on Earth. It’s simply completely breathtaking. Well. No, wait. In fact, it’s not. Because Colorado air feels a little lighter, probably because I’m a little higher (mile high and risin’, baby!), and good, deep breaths feel awesome. I … [Read more…]


Nothing like being braindead after a full day of grading. Renders me more incoherent than drinking. Just got to hand in one last set of grades tomorrow, and then days full of packing and driving. So now you know why I’m blogging so sporadically right now, and why I’ll continue to do so for the … [Read more…]

Spring cleaning

I’ve just slept for nearly 13 hours. And that even though I took the “non-drowsy” version of the Tylenol Cold I purchased yesterday while I shuffled my light-headed arse across campus. I swear there were a couple moments in class I had to lean on the board. But I feel about 70% better now. Which … [Read more…]

A weekend unplugged

Back when I was in college, I once engaged in a technology deprivation experiment. We pledged to go the entire weekend going without technology, to varying degrees. Some people pledged to not even use their lights. I’m unplugging this weekend. Back next week. With lots of cool stuff. One post already in mind: how privilege … [Read more…]

Almost done here

Posting might be sporadic the next couple of days, barring a few pictures when I can swing it; classes, meetings, and student conferences tomorrow, then class on Friday, and then the GRE Lit test on Saturday, with the afternoon devoted to the rest of my last class. By Saturday night, I’ll have mostly completed my … [Read more…]