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Another funny search

And here I thought yesterday’s search was the funny one. I hadn’t seen anything yet, apparently:

My only comment is I hope whoever it was found whatever he or she was looking for.

Also, I’ve decided a further use for et cetera: I’m going to keep a running booklog there, with reviews. Put the first one up today: Joe Hill’s Heart-Shaped Box, which I thought was pretty damned brilliant (I ended up rating it a “Crazy Train.” You’ll have to read the review to find out what that means. But it makes sense if you do).

Anyway, probably quiet this weekend; lots of horrible writing to do.


  1. Hmm, that’s a good one. I actually chuckled out loud. But, I’m a little curious as to why you let “rebecca wolff eat shit and die” go as if that search for you is just par for the course… 😉

  2. @Robert: the wolff query isn’t actually out of the ordinary; it’s been fairly common (probably once a week) since I posted “Editors Behaving Badly.”

  3. Ahh, okay. Now I see. I was out of that particular loop. Of course, taken as a single post, it’s still pretty funny if one doesn’t know about the “editors” post.

    I’m burned out on staring at my computer, but I’ll read that whole post and all the responses tomorrow. Looks interesting…

  4. Maybe they were looking for a blog where you wrote about a horrible writer. I mean, your blog about the editors behving badly could be interpreted as horrible editors. The idea that you would blog about horrible writers isn’t tottally out their. (*cough* Dan Brown *cough) Plus only your name is in quotes. If they wanted to find something about you being a horrible writer all of that would be in quotes. Like, if I wanted to find out more about how Bryan Singer is a souless ass hole who reuined the X-men franchise I would put it like this, “Bryan Singer” is a “souless” “ass hole” who “reuined the X-men franchise.”

    That’s just my two cents any way.

  5. @Gotham: I could see that. I think that editors post was less about horrible editors than about editors not behaving in professional manners (hence the title), but I could see how one might interpret it that way.

    I might totally run that Singer search now just to see what I can come up with. Except: did he? I thought the first two movies were actually pretty good. If anything, I’d say he ruined Superman, which is, really, when you think of it, no small task.

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