Multiple Enthusiasms

Infinite jest. Excellent fancy. Flashes of merriment.

And so let us not forget the true meaning of today

Lots of religious posts today, of course. Lots of children with smiles missing teeth searching all over their yards for embryos in hardy shells (decorated rapturously and exuberantly) by, of course, a six-foot tall bunny.

So let us not forget what Easter is truly, and has always been, about:

Bunny rabbits are for shagging, and eggs are for fertility.

It is, to be pointed, simply a more explicit version of Valentine’s day, just without the saint and all the Hallmark hooey.

(what is it about us that prevents us from the simple celebration of love and sex in all their grandeur? Why must we throw commerce and religion into the mix at every available opportunity?)

And it’s one of the few years I can remember when the spring festive came so close to the actual start of spring.

I tried to post a video of my cousin playing a sexhityune; if YouTube will let me, I still may.

In the meantime, instead, some Steven Brust and Eddie Izzard.

From Brust, “My Girlfriend Is a Pagan”:

My girlfriend is a pagan, she don’t believe in Christ.
Theologically suspect, but in practice kind of nice.
She’s teaching me her favorite fertility rites.
And every time I learn one, I yell out Jesus Christ.

My girlfriend is a pagan, I truly have been blessed.
I don’t mind the pentagrams, or the lack of rest.
We’ve been doing all we can to see the crops don’t fail.
If when I die I meet with Pan, I’ll shake him by the tail.

My girlfriend is a pagan, I guess she is a witch.
She prays to her Goddess while wearing not a stitch.
She says incense and crystals give her mystic energy
And she has to use it somewhere, which works out best for me.

My girlfriend is a pagan, who could ask for more?
At the altar she’s a heathen, in the bedroom she’s just fine.
I’m happy as a pig in shit, what more can I say?
My girlfriend is a pagan and I’m learning how to pray.

And from Eddie Izzard:


  1. I think you got some hooey on me. 😀

    Eddie Izzard in makeup scares me.

    I seem to like hitting the return key today, too.

    Where’s my big chocolate bunny?

    Leave it to you to corrupt a child’s holiday with mating.


  2. I don’t see your comparison to Easter and Valentines day. I mean, on valentines day guys pay for sex with chocolate, jewery, dinner, and/or other gifts thus making it the only day prostitution is legal every where. I have never heard of a guy that tried to barter for sex with decorative eggs.

    The pegan holdiday honoring spring and the christien holdiday honouring the reserection of jesus got mixed up together but they both had religious roots. The holidays that’s don’t have religious connection aren’t wuite as popukar, witht the exception of the Idependence day. Think about it; when Columbus day comes around do you put three boats in your front yard? When president day comes around people either put on the history channel or go buy furniture. Is that really how past president would want to be honoured? For Martin Luther King day most people sleep in. Some kids go to schools that take the opportunity to have their children go on a field trip at best or a papper on him at worst. Most schools do nothing. Most people simply do nothing for April Fools Day, Earth Day, and Flag Day. The top holdays have religious roots. I don’t see that changeing unless people make a effort to have it change.

  3. Easter morning is the only day besides Christmas I will let Ethan eat chocolate for breakfast. I pay for this of course, with Ethan bouncing off the walls.

    My favourite holiday is Thanksgiving. It hasn’t really commercialized the way Easter and Valentines and Christmas has. It’s more a celebration of food and love and gathering to me than the others, of which I enjoy. You can’t put a price-tag on that.


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