Multiple Enthusiasms

Infinite jest. Excellent fancy. Flashes of merriment.

And done (who’da thunk?)

It’s really settling in, with full force, that I’ve finished USC’s MPW program for all intents and purposes. Today, in my email, I got a note about some loan exit interview I’m supposed to do before I graduate.

And then I came home to find a box from Lulu on my stoop:

Which I then opened:

To find a stack of two books, sheathed protectively in foam:

Which I then turned over:

To find my uber-pretty, perfect-bound thesis, The Prodigal Hour:

With its title page:

And then a page I’ll give you a ‘before’ of:

Because I’m meeting with my advisor tomorrow so he can sign it.

A note on the cover: I actually made one myself, with Photoshop, but then got up to the Lulu page and decided to just go with one of theirs, for a simple reason: this copy, in particular, is going to do nothing more than collect dust on a couple of shelves (one with me, the other with my program). It’s really kind of cheesy, but then, I was like, well, who’s really going to see it, and it does sorta match the story (with cool light effects around a pair of eyes, and a cityscape, and then cosmic implication, all of which are included in what the novel is about).

Yes, just two copies:

And here will be the only place you’ll ever be able to see them.

Lucky you.

Fuckall, I’m done with grad school.

I was going to write about why I’m moving on to Denver, but that’ll wait for another time. I’m going to take an evening to process this.


  1. Awesome! Congrats!

  2. Congratulations! Try to forget about the loan stuff for the moment and just savor being done!

  3. Well let me guess why your moving to denver:

    1. Your engaged and before you can get married you have to fight Big Foot.
    2. You have some huge misconceptions about South Park Colorado.
    3. You will be working with a secret goverment program to stop global warming.
    4. You have misconceptions about Colorado mountain girls.
    5. Your trying out for foot ball… or possibly cheerleading.

    Before you leave California I have a request. A dream of mine has always been to eat live squid. No joke. I figure my only shot at this is going to Japan though, which is pretty damn slim. However, if a restraunt in America serves live squid I’ll bet it’s in California. If you have no desire to eat live squid you self, which is served with a speacial sause and your only eating the tenticles, then please let me know what restraunts currently serve it if you can.

  4. No excerpt?

    All those pretty photos and no sample of the goods?


  5. Great cover! But I’d never expect any less from you. Congratulations!

  6. Thanks, all.

    @Bunny- yeah, I’m trying not to worry about them.

    @Helen- I’ve eaten both squid and octopus before. But how do you eat live squid if you’re eating only the tentacles? Regardless, I prefer octopus; it’s thicker, and slightly rubbery, whereas squid is stringier because it’s thinner.

    @Lisa- you’ve already read the first two chapters! Be greedy, why don’t you?! Heh, no, seriously, I’ll be doing some excerpty stuff here at some point. And more.

    @Shannon- thanks, buddy. It’s surprising what Lulu will give you free.

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