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“And cows disagree with me.”

I dig Bill Maher, mostly. Like his stuff. I mean, he’s neither Eddie Izzard nor Jon Stewart, but I do appreciate both his candor and his challenge. I agree with him often, but often mostly in the sense that I agree with Jon Stewart: not in the sense that I’m lefty or liberal or whathaveyou, but more in the sense that I just find the whole system and process completely absurd, as well as many of the participants therein.

I don’t really watch television, though, so I rarely catch Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. I’m sure I could catch recaps, somehow, but I’m rarely so inclined.

I’ll tell you, though: I’m totally inclined to see his new “mock documentary,” Religulous.

I may even start using religulous as an adjective. Seems like, on the hierarchy scale, things would be first ridiculous, and then totally ludicrous, and then absolutely religulous.

Trailer after the

I think it looks totally rad, and I can’t wait to see it. It looks like it’s up there, in terms of absurdity and awfulness, with Jesus Camp, which is truly one of the most frightening documentaries I’ve ever watched.

But the religion aspect is not the only reason I’ll watch Religulous; it’s also because of this:

That’s Bill Maher kicking so-called “9-11 truthers” off his show. And yes, as evidenced a few weeks back, the events of September 11th are rather personal to me. I’ve never met anyone who was there that day who lends any credence to idiot documentaries like Loose Change and bogus conspiracy theories like the controlled demolition of WTC 7.

Rock on, Mister Maher.

Also, since I’ve made clear I’m refusing to comment further on Sarah Palin, because this is a presidential election and, in the words of Ms. Palin, “What is it exactly that the VP does everyday?” I give you Maher commenting on Palin:

Here’s that video of her asking, by the way:

Let’s hope she never gets to find out.

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  1. Those videos were good to watch. 🙂 Want to know something funny? Odly, when I started reading your blog a commercial for that documentary was on at the same time.

    I’m still waiting for a star wars spoof where they have McCain introduce his VP as his “Palin-den learner.”

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